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The Unbearable Likeness of Mass

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I was sitting in a strategy meeting the other day of a company that was scoping out media and platforms for its below the line spend. In the meeting, the brand manager repeatedly reinforced his wish for a greater number of “likes” on the brand’s Facebook page. The CEO heard that was the “new big thing”, so that was the directive. To be fair the brand guy didn’t agree with it, but he also hadn’t pushed back. So “get more likes” was the challenge put forward.

It’s not the first time I have seen nor heard this request from clients. Can you conceptualize a competition or campaign that can increase the brand’s “likes”? My answer is generally, “probably” but why on earth would you want to?

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It’s all in the numbers: Online Radio via

One of the most consistent questions we get working in Internet radio is where we get our numbers? Predominantly the question comes from those working in commercial radio and people interested in how we operate and create revenue flow.

The irony of course is that were we just a straight website operating in the online environment, people wouldn’t ask the question. In the online world of websites, we have established a measurement for traffic, assigned a value to it over the last ten years that is accepted and traded upon. To get to an audience size via a website we count the number of hits to the site on the server and then work out unique hits against overall site hits and derive an audience figure and reach from there.

Taken from the recent article I wrote for

A recent survey in the US by TargetSpot, a digtal audio network, found an increase in tablet ownership of nearly 87%, combined with a smartphone take-up increase of 22%.

As the world fast grabs hold of new devices to make their lives more connected, so our ways of delivering and receiving everyday content is being reshaped. Radio is but one of these everyday concepts that are being delivered in a new and fresh way. It’s a concept that is rapidly changing though, particularly in emerging markets like South Africa.

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Half Arsed-a Chef. You heard right.

HalfArsed-a Chef

I am a big fan of the Master Chef Brand and hopefully the series out here in SA will do it justice.

That said I am a bigger fan of the Nomu brand which is why I signed up to be on Half Arsed-a Chef.

Why you ask?

Well aside from using great ingrediants from the Nomu range, I was finally able to be on a cooking show that required no talent, ability and had a ready supply of good wine Flloyd-style.

Check out the 1st of the series here or press play above. Follow Nomu here and witness not only great brand in the culinary business but also a company that doesn’t mind pushing things a little.

I like that.





The Future of Mobile

"Totally. It has no cords or it's tiny! And the battery life is...hello? hello?"

As someone with a vested interest in the mobile space I was quite keen to read the below article by Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget.

Given the news making the rounds this morning about the flagging sales of the personal computer and of course the sale of how many millions of the new iPad, Blodget’s insights provide an interesting look and cross section of the current tech platform space.


Yesterday, we hosted our IGNITION WEST: Future of Mobile conference in San Francisco.

To kick off the conference, our BI Intelligence team—Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Alex Cocotas, and I—put together a deck on the current trends in mobile. We looked closely at the growth of smartphones and tablets, the platform wars, and how consumers are actually using their devices.

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Internet Radio Shows in The Numbers…Are the Others Lying?

Internet Dog Listens Quietly To The Truth...

As seen on yesterday:

South Africa’s Fundamentally Flawed FM Radio “Listenership”

We’re at an interesting juncture with regards to media and, in particular, radio in South Africa. Advertisers have been blowing a load of money on radio for years, hoping that the “shotgun approach” will get the message across to mainstream FM’s listeners. The listenership figures they are working with, are produced by way of the fundamentally flawed and dubious “radio diary” approach. You can read more about the radio diary system here and here (prepare to be astounded – deducing listenership and charging adverstisers on this basis is bordering on fraud), but in essence they go from door to door and ask people to fill in their radio listening habits. I know, how archaic? But, more importantly, who of you out there know anyone who knows anyone else who has ever, in their lives, even heard of someone knocking on their door to do this?

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Elana Afrika visits the The Ian F Show

As you know Ian F recently took over the Breakfast show 7am to 10am on 2oceansVibe Radio. Longtime freind and ex-5fm DJ…hey who isn’t on that show right? Elana Afrika popped into say and capture them on her new web show “Handheld“.

Results below!

Did you see that studio? Chilled…even in Jozi.

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