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Sunglasses and Face Shapes…Get it Right Kids.

I dont know about you, but when it comes to glasses and specifically sunglasses, I have trouble gauging what I like ad what actually looks good.

I “like” a lot of styles. When I see people wearing cool shades I often take note of them and where possible try them on! However most of the time wanting to look like George Clooney or James Dean with the aid of sunnies very often makes me look like a prat. I guess it’s the same with clothes in a sense; what looks great on some people looks hideous on me, despite the fact that part of me desperately covets the garment!

So prior to summer officially hitting SA I have found a very cool site that can help us all with our face adornments. I tried writing and researching this my self but when I hit on these guys I gave up. I cant do it any better and with in minutes they can correct any of your fashion faux pas that you and I could possibly make prior to hitting the streets / beach/ Melrose Arch (for the Jozi guys and girls)…

So here it is. Face shapes 101 via NO really. You don’t need to thank me. Just get it right then toddle over to our friends at and make it happen for yourself.

How To Find Sunglasses That Actually Fit: 5 Face Shapes, Tons Of Shades




Winter Wondering….The Style of Greyness.

If you were slightly worried that nailing that winter look this year – fear not the clever folks at Sunglass Hut have got all sorted for you.

Fashion headmasters have all embraced and modernised familiar 1970s tailoring recently, heralding a new trend in menswear: Professional preppy. The look is characterised by superior tailoring, crisp shirts, bow-ties and the must-have accessory: the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Click to Enlarge & be Educated…

Half Arsed-a Chef. You heard right.

HalfArsed-a Chef

I am a big fan of the Master Chef Brand and hopefully the series out here in SA will do it justice.

That said I am a bigger fan of the Nomu brand which is why I signed up to be on Half Arsed-a Chef.

Why you ask?

Well aside from using great ingrediants from the Nomu range, I was finally able to be on a cooking show that required no talent, ability and had a ready supply of good wine Flloyd-style.

Check out the 1st of the series here or press play above. Follow Nomu here and witness not only great brand in the culinary business but also a company that doesn’t mind pushing things a little.

I like that.





Inside The ‘Sex And The City’ Townhouse

"This smirk suggests I may very well be having intercourse with Carrie..."

I will admit that I am not the worlds biggest fan of “Sex in the city”. Carrie Bradshaw always seemed to high maintenance for my liking and the older chick just scared me (not that I wouldn’t).

However I am a huge fan of New York, the star behind the stars in this series. I have had some amazing times there and one of the most enduring features of the city, for me, are the loft’s and Brownstones of the denizens.

Which is why this article from the caught my attention.

It’s going to take a real life Mr. Big to get this $9.65 million West Village townhouse off the market.

The 4,100-square-foot townhouse on Perry Street was made famous after it was used as the exterior of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character’s apartment on “Sex and the City.”

Carrie smoked a lot of cigs and cried over a lot of boyfriends on those stairs.

 Read more:






Making the Grade This Summer!

As ever the kind people at Sunglass Hut are keeping you and I up to date and with the trends for face wear this season. This summer one of the key focusses is on graded eye-wear!

Sunglass hut recognizes that style and fashionability are a major priority in the sweltering summer months, ensuring that you look good while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

One of the most predominant trends this summer is gradient sunglasses. This means that the lens of the sunglasses, sometimes even the lens and the frame, gradually change shade from the top of the lens to the bottom. There are a variation of fabulous gradient lenses to choose from, the classic dark to light gradient lens in various colours, or even the gradient combination of two different colours.

There are gradient sunglasses suitable for every trend setter this summer, so don’t get left behind, make the grade this season with Sunglass Hut!

Sunglass Hut: Sunglass Hut provides people all over the world with sunglass brands and styles for every taste and wallet. Sunglass Hut is recognized as the leader in speciality sunglass retailing and has over 2000 stores around the globe, with over 100 of them being in South Africa. Like Sunglass Hut SA on Facebook, and follow on twitter @SunglassHutSA.

Enzo Takes A Bath…Such A Waste Of Pretty!

The Driver seems just happy to be alive. I on the other hand am not so relaxed about the situation…

Good enough for Steve McQueen is good enough for me…

He is looking at you like you should should just know...

Bit of a sales job here but an easy one for me. I got introduced to the Persol brand only a few months back and its one of those icons that as soon as you are aware of it, you notice how many other people are also wearing it.

Its a very subtle brand, which I like…one of those “if you have to ask…” type of marques. My partner in crime at 2oceansvibe radio Seth Rotherham has been wearing a set of Steve McQueen Editions for a couple of months now, having found himself on the advanced list of those receiving them and I have to admit he rocked them…there is something in  retro that clearly works for the man.

The good news is us “laymen” can now also lay our hands on them too at Sunglass Hut.

The Steve McQueen Persols have that definitive ‘cool factor’ generated by the legendary actor and the fact that these were his favorite sunglasses. If it isn’t the magnificent retro style, or the fold up element of the sunglasses that wins you over, it surely is the fact that they are more than just a fashion accessory, these sunglasses made history!


It was 1968 when an already famous and charming Steve McQueen™ appeared on a motion picture set wearing for the first time the Persol PO 714 model. The film was The Thomas Crown Affair (directed by Norman Jewison) and elevated both Steve McQueen™, anti-hero by nature, and his sunglasses, inseparable allies in on-set adventures, to legendary status. McQueen™, a fan of the brand and the PO 714 model, owned a personal collection, and in 2006, one of his pieces was auctioned for approximately $70,000. Wearing Persol PO 714 off screen played a role in making them a legendary style icon. The indomitable and passionate, free spirited and offbeat actor said: “I don’t believe in that phony hero stuff”™ remaining true only to himself and his Persols.


Persol celebrates the actor by re-launching his favourite model in a limited edition of just 10,000 handmade pieces, to be sold worldwide. New PO 714 differs from the original version for a series of small but important details:

  • the return of the blue lens – the favourite of Steve McQueen™ ;
  • a folding closure at the back end of the temple arm – no longer top to bottom, but now from outside to inside;
  • the Supreme Arrow, Persol’s distinctive mark, is the functional element enclosing the hinges. Here, it is mounted both on the temple arm and front of the frame – as in the classic model – as well as on the folding hinge and middle of the temple arm, with a total of four arrows. This design choice clearly accentuates the identity of a model that is already iconic;
  • the Steve McQueen™ signature emblazons the inside of the temple arm as well as the elegant leather case.


The long and painstaking production of the special edition PO 714 SM must go through ten additional phases compared to the original model. The folding frame begins as a single piece of acetate, an then is broken at three points, on both sides and at the bridge. Housings are created in the upper and lower parts to accommodate the hinges, while all folding areas are filed till smooth. After fitting the core, the hinges are attached and the frames go through a finishing process to produce a seamless silhouette for maximum comfort. To top it off, each blue-tinted crystal lens is hand fit into a classic PO 714.

The color palette includes 3 versions, all in acetate with neutral glass lenses made from very pure silica: the model worn by Steve McQueen™ in light Havana with blue lenses (PO 714SM 96/56); Havana with honey lenses (PO 714SM 24/33), and black with grey smoke polarized lenses (PO 714SM 95/58).

Craftsmanship is on equal footing with technology in this model that offers a version with polarized lenses, a Persol exclusive that incorporates a polarizing filter into glass lenses, providing clear and well defined vision while blocking out reflected light. An icon is reborn in this limited edition, designed for those who appreciate its quintessential quality: true aficionados and collectors.


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