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Local personality and businessman makes Global final of Entrepreneur X Factor.


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Cape Town media personality and businessman Richard Hardiman has made it into the global final of Entrepreneur X Factor 2013. The worldwide competition sees Hardiman pitted against twenty business finalists from around the world.

Facing stiff competition from regional winners in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, France and Australia to name a few, Hardiman’s pitch for his system to automate the cleaning of surface water in Harbors, Ports and Marinas and ridding these areas of surface waste and fluids was enough to see him through into the final stages of the competition.

The invention, which is now in the process of being designed by engineers in Cape Town, would alleviate much of the surface waste that can be found floating in man-made ports and harbors. The idea originally struck Hardiman as he watched the daily routine water-borne trash collectors in his native Cape Town.

“I was having breakfast one morning in the harbor at a popular restaurant for tourists in Cape Town. It was a beautiful day but as with most beautiful days in Cape Town it had been preceded by a week of summer winds.” says Hardiman. “Because of this our popular tourist attraction had been turned into a literal waste land, with plastic bottles, carrier bags and takeaway packets floating everywhere on the surface of the water. Combatting this seemingly insurmountable floating trash problem were two men in a Rubberduck (semi-rigid inflatable); one steering the vessel to the offending items and the other leaning over with a trash-picker attempting to collet it and bring it aboard”.

The seeming absurdity of this set Hardiman’s brain into overdrive searching for a way to collect more trash from the surface without over utilizing manpower and at the same time making them more effective.

Some five years later and a lot of refining what was in his head, Hardiman’s “HarborWell” project is finally into RND and all thanks to the opportunity that presented itself accidentally. While attending a business conference and seminar with Singapore and Australian based Rock Your Life Group, an opportunity to pitch a business idea to the business people attending came up.

“I thought I should take part, pitch the idea and see what happened. If it was received badly I could shelve it and take it off my list of things to get around to; if it went I would bump it up the order and start doing something about it.”

Has it happened, of all the pitches done that day in Cape Town it won; pitting Hardiman up against nineteen other entrepreneurs around the world for the global final.

“Instead of waiting for the competition to start in earnest, I started the project anyway. Now having strength in my conviction that this could work, I got a small finance investor in so I could start to pay Engineers and clever people to get working on the problem I had now created. The idea to me was easy but the execution takes people with an immense amount of intellectual capital on subjects I knew nothing about really; I am learning fast but collaborating with clever people has always been the fastest track to success I believe.”

Hardiman says the hardest part is not talking about the design and process too much and at the same time wanting to show people what it is all about.

“Especially with a project like this you want to show people designs, lovely rendered pictures and the magic behind it all, but unfortunately for patent registration reasons and protecting the initial RND phase I cant; it’s frustrating trying to explain to friends and family what it is and does, without being able to go here, look at this”.

Hardiman is able to explain that the project is in two halves; one concentrating on what the he terms “Static Wells”, which act as large traps for surface waste in Marina’s and Harbors, and “Drones”, which is an automated system of trash collection linked via GPS technology. None of the work means a loss of jobs; Hardiman’s intention is to retain and create jobs but find a more practical solution for Port Authorities around the world to collect and dispose of surface waste and to be able to collect more of it.

“Any tourists destination or working harbor is a natural conduit of waste collection. Humans next to water ultimately means humans disposing their waste in it; be it accidentally or intentionally we end up with a lot of our soda bottles, cans, takeaway polystyrene containers and plastic bags floating into the water and then being dragged out by the tide into the open sea or sinking to the bottom and destroying our sea life.”

While his intentions are not all motivated by the saving of wild life and the planet, Hardiman is only to happy to have found a business that could be in the business of making money while sustainably helping to retard the poisoning of our oceans.

“I am motivated by business as many people are; to be sustainable this project needs to make money, create jobs and be successful. However, the fact that it could actually do something to help the planet certainly adds to my motivation of success here.”

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Boys Night Out For Impending Fathers…


November 15th sees the launch of Dudes to Dads in Cape Town. A concept to ease “about to be” fathers into their new lives. Dudes to dads is an evening of fun, entertainment and education, developed by media personality, father and businessman Richard Hardiman.

The idea is to focus the evening on the fathers and their concerns prior to becoming a Dad. “The obvious focus in a pregnancy and the starting of a new family is the mother and rightly so, however, one cannot forget that it took two to tango and we have too look after both sides of the baby’s parents,” Says Hardiman.

“Very often the Dad, and his life changing concerns, are pushed to the side in hurry to get ready and make sure the primary caregiver is taken care of”.

Dudes to Dads seeks to put the soon to be fathers in an environment where they can talk freely about their worries, give voice to any nagging concerns that perhaps they cannot share with their partners and let them see that they are not alone in this. Using a combination of celebrities, who are now fathers, relationship councilors and pediatricians, the event hopes to create a relaxed evening of social education and hopefully peace of mind on leaving.

“While many ante-natal classes allow couples to share and ask questions in a safe and nurturing environment, through experience I have found that men often tend to hold back on asking some important questions in front of their partners”, says Hardiman.
“Through either feeling alone and daft in asking a stupid question or out of respect for their partners, men often just go with the flow, endure teasing from their friends and colleagues over the ‘end of their sex and social lives’, and never really get to ask or share some of their concerns”.

A father of three, Hardiman believes that men have the right to know that they will get through this time mentally, financially and physically, “Using a combination of entertainment from comedians who are fathers, Doctors, actual Dads, we hope to provide a platform that allows for some letting off of steam, while at the same time reassuring you that life goes on and you will be okay!”

Cape Town:
15th November
Saints Burger Bar

18:30 – 20:30

Rob Van Vuuren
Mark Bayly
Richard Hardiman

Cost: R200 incl. welcome drinks and food
Make your booking at: iTickets

5-A-Side Football Tournament


All of us at 2oceansvibe Radio have been recruited to form a five a side Football Team, to add another trophy to cabinet and grow our egos just a little bit more.

Come on, join us for a fun game of footsie!

If you think you can beat us or simply want to have a good time, join us this Friday for an absolute jol.

When: 19 October 2021

Where: Fives Waterfront

Time: 19h00-22h00

Price: R800 per team

Visit to check out the venue. Rad prizes up for grabs courtesy of Sunglass Hut and Primi Piatti. Please contact to enter your team.

Sunglasses and Face Shapes…Get it Right Kids.

I dont know about you, but when it comes to glasses and specifically sunglasses, I have trouble gauging what I like ad what actually looks good.

I “like” a lot of styles. When I see people wearing cool shades I often take note of them and where possible try them on! However most of the time wanting to look like George Clooney or James Dean with the aid of sunnies very often makes me look like a prat. I guess it’s the same with clothes in a sense; what looks great on some people looks hideous on me, despite the fact that part of me desperately covets the garment!

So prior to summer officially hitting SA I have found a very cool site that can help us all with our face adornments. I tried writing and researching this my self but when I hit on these guys I gave up. I cant do it any better and with in minutes they can correct any of your fashion faux pas that you and I could possibly make prior to hitting the streets / beach/ Melrose Arch (for the Jozi guys and girls)…

So here it is. Face shapes 101 via NO really. You don’t need to thank me. Just get it right then toddle over to our friends at and make it happen for yourself.

How To Find Sunglasses That Actually Fit: 5 Face Shapes, Tons Of Shades



The Unbearable Likeness of Mass

Originally posted by  09.09.12

I was sitting in a strategy meeting the other day of a company that was scoping out media and platforms for its below the line spend. In the meeting, the brand manager repeatedly reinforced his wish for a greater number of “likes” on the brand’s Facebook page. The CEO heard that was the “new big thing”, so that was the directive. To be fair the brand guy didn’t agree with it, but he also hadn’t pushed back. So “get more likes” was the challenge put forward.

It’s not the first time I have seen nor heard this request from clients. Can you conceptualize a competition or campaign that can increase the brand’s “likes”? My answer is generally, “probably” but why on earth would you want to?

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If you missed this morning’s discussion on SAFM‘s media show, hosted by Ashraf Garda, here is a podcast! A lot of people tweeted that they couldn’t listen to it because they don’t have FM radios at home. It should be mentioned most local radio stations are also available on LSM 7-10′s preferred radio source – the internet.

Ashraf chatted to myself  (2ovRadio) and Darren Scott from Ballz Radio, about everything to do with internet radio and how the medium is growing at a rapid pace in South Africa.

Full interview and podcast here

Fight For Your Right…

How Much Did Yours Cost?

For whatever reason there has been a rash of children’s parties of late. I have no idea what we as parents were up to nine months ago but whatever it was we need to get out more!

Or maybe it’s a case of back then we didn’t need to get out hence we are paying the price now.

And that leads me nicely into me gripe for the week. Since when did we need to compete as parents for the best dressed, best put together and most expensive display of affection for our children on their birthday?

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