2oceansVibe Radio

Good wines and cultivars. We have choice. High-end technology that makes life easier to navigate. We have choice. Fast cars, beautiful people and amazing lifestyles. It’s all there if we choose to look for it.

But Radio. With radio we have had no choice. Unless “bland” has been a choice for the past decade, and it’s a choice we have worn very badly.

It is for this very reason that 2oceansVibe Radio was conceived and created. Accessible anywhere in the world, from you car, desk or smart-phone, the excuse that there is nothing worth listening to on South African radio no longer holds true.

2oceansVibe Radio delivers intelligent, irreverent programming via its seasoned and well known show hosts, and mixes this social commentary with a healthy dose of cutting edge and trending music that hasn’t been created on the conveyor belt of sausage factory pop hits. In a word it’s different, but deliberately so.

We have gathered award winning journalists, seasoned broadcasters looking to break free from cookie cutter radio, the best of South Africa’s comedians and TV presenters and given them free reign on the airwaves. The reason we have done this is because we know that if we like the sound of what we are doing then you just may do too. We are not for everyone and don’t intend to be. If you are looking for a station that speaks to you, delivers content that is relevant to you and music that actually hasn’t been slaughtered to death then you may have just stumbled upon your radio nirvana.

Much like 2oceansvibe.com, we aim to speak to you like a grown up, making certain assumptions along the way with regards to your interest in international affairs, technology, entertainment, media, people and sport. We also standby our values and are dedicated to maintaining the overall brand’s emphasis on the promotion of quality products and services, ultimately leading to a stress free life in accordance with living the holiday!

We aim to give you an uncensored fresh new format filled with real music you enjoy brought to you by people that you can relate to – talking about things you really care about, in a way that seems more familiar to you than what you may be used to. It’s quite astounding that the notion and concept is such a revelation! Sad, really…

On air Monday through to Sunday and accessible globally 24 hours a day via our iPhone, Blackberry or Android apps, or simply by logging online, 2oceansVibe Radio delivers solid intelligent radio with the best choice of music available – all at the touch of a button.

Tune in and start listening here


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