Sunglasses and Face Shapes…Get it Right Kids.

I dont know about you, but when it comes to glasses and specifically sunglasses, I have trouble gauging what I like ad what actually looks good.

I “like” a lot of styles. When I see people wearing cool shades I often take note of them and where possible try them on! However most of the time wanting to look like George Clooney or James Dean with the aid of sunnies very often makes me look like a prat. I guess it’s the same with clothes in a sense; what looks great on some people looks hideous on me, despite the fact that part of me desperately covets the garment!

So prior to summer officially hitting SA I have found a very cool site that can help us all with our face adornments. I tried writing and researching this my self but when I hit on these guys I gave up. I cant do it any better and with in minutes they can correct any of your fashion faux pas that you and I could possibly make prior to hitting the streets / beach/ Melrose Arch (for the Jozi guys and girls)…

So here it is. Face shapes 101 via NO really. You don’t need to thank me. Just get it right then toddle over to our friends at and make it happen for yourself.

How To Find Sunglasses That Actually Fit: 5 Face Shapes, Tons Of Shades




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