It’s all in the numbers: Online Radio via

One of the most consistent questions we get working in Internet radio is where we get our numbers? Predominantly the question comes from those working in commercial radio and people interested in how we operate and create revenue flow.

The irony of course is that were we just a straight website operating in the online environment, people wouldn’t ask the question. In the online world of websites, we have established a measurement for traffic, assigned a value to it over the last ten years that is accepted and traded upon. To get to an audience size via a website we count the number of hits to the site on the server and then work out unique hits against overall site hits and derive an audience figure and reach from there.
In the online world it is that simple; it is ones and zeros.In terrestrial radio, audience is worked out on a quarterly basis, and while it is based on some very sound statistics and analysis it is at the end of the day worked out on a qualitative basis rather than quantitative. Such is the nature of the way information is collected via diaries it is prone to data errors and of course the subjectivity of those being interviewed for information.Very simply what are known as “diaries” are put into general population with statistic gatherers knocking on doors and asking you what radio station you listen to, how often you listen, when you listen etc. Added to this are age, race and the important statistical information required to build a decent picture of who listens to radio and how they go about doing it. It is akin in many respects to a Census count for radio listeners.
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