Someone That I Used To Know. The Cover. And The Covers Cover.

You have heard the Aussie outfit Gotye’s tune “Somebody I used to know”, if you havent I will invoke a piece of that that tired old phrase, “hiding + rock”. If you havent heard it you should have. It’s a great tune with real instruments and great vocals with a proper lyric. There is also no 12 bar rap moment hidden somewhere as a cheap bridge.

It was indie-ish then 5fm played it, destroyed the hipsters love of the band but woke people up to it; then Highveld and KFM picked up and brought it to parts of Bellville and Benoni where it found a new audience who have embraced and will more than likely adopt them as their own and bring on a deluge of remix’s with a euro 4/4 feel and some crap ringtones which purport to sound the same but actual dont but will only cost you R3,50.


The tune and has had a surprising number of makeovers on the net over the past few months, which I have collated below for you; you know save you the trouble etc.

The first is the actual Gotye, which by the way  is derived from “Gaultier” (or “Gautier” or “Gauthier”,) the French equivalent of “Wouter” (“Walter” in English.)… So now we know.

The second is a single instrument cover of the tune by Walk Of The Earth – damn clever and a very good cover.

The Third in the rougues gallery of this tune is by Key Of Awesome, who have taken Gotye’s version, mixed it WOFTE and then rewritten the lyrics…I know.

Videos after the jump…

Just press play on each and enjoy…now…while your boss is not looking.

Number 1:

Number 2:

and finally…Number 3:








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