Inside The ‘Sex And The City’ Townhouse

"This smirk suggests I may very well be having intercourse with Carrie..."

I will admit that I am not the worlds biggest fan of “Sex in the city”. Carrie Bradshaw always seemed to high maintenance for my liking and the older chick just scared me (not that I wouldn’t).

However I am a huge fan of New York, the star behind the stars in this series. I have had some amazing times there and one of the most enduring features of the city, for me, are the loft’s and Brownstones of the denizens.

Which is why this article from the caught my attention.

It’s going to take a real life Mr. Big to get this $9.65 million West Village townhouse off the market.

The 4,100-square-foot townhouse on Perry Street was made famous after it was used as the exterior of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character’s apartment on “Sex and the City.”

Carrie smoked a lot of cigs and cried over a lot of boyfriends on those stairs.

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