I slipped and accidentally fell…

Given the latest in a number of faux pas’ from the Italian Captain of the Costa Concordia I thought it may be interesting to revisit history and find other calamities that may have been explained away by the same excuse. To refresh your memory Captain Coward’ Francesco Schettino fled the sinking ship, later stating that essentially he was helping passengers into life rafts when he accidentally slipped and fell into one himself. After that the life raft seems to have accidentally made its way towards the coast line and the safety of the shore along with its accidental passenger Schettino.

So a look back in history:

George Michael: “I accidentally fell…into a shop in my Range Rover…into a policeman in a public toilet…into the Wham Club Tropicana video…”

Recent Tabe Mountain BaseJumper: “No literally…I accidentally fell…”

Hitler: “Our army was walking on the border when it accidentally tripped and fell into Poland….France…Austria….”

Wayne Rooney: “I was out a nightclub when accidentally fell into a bed with 2 female prostitutes…innit”

Nick Leeson: “I was pottering around the markets when I accidentally fell into a billion dollar trading hole…”

Tony Yengeni: “I was walking along when I accidentally fell into a brand new discounted Mercedes 4×4…”

Bill Clinton: “She was in my office when suddenly she accidentally tripped on her blue dress and ended up with my penis in her mouth and my cigar in her…”

Michael Jackson: “I was singing ABC when suddenly I turned accidentally white…”

Johnny Depp: “I was filming a very boring holiday home video in Venice with my good friend Angelina when it was accidentally released to the public as The Tourist…”

More on the Captain Coward’ Francesco Schettino story…

– I didn’t even have a lifejacket because I had given it to one of the passengers’ – All of a sudden the boat listed 60-70 degrees, I got trapped and ended up in one of the lifeboats’ – Transcripts show coastguard demanded he ‘Get back on board, damn it’ after abandoning ship- – He handles ships like he’s driving a Ferrari, claims colleague, calling Schettino ‘a daredevil’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2087704/Costa-Concordia-Captain-Francesco-Schettino-I-left-I-FELL-lifeboat.html#ixzz1k0SHVG6g


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