Internet Radio Shows in The Numbers…Are the Others Lying?

Internet Dog Listens Quietly To The Truth...

As seen on yesterday:

South Africa’s Fundamentally Flawed FM Radio “Listenership”

We’re at an interesting juncture with regards to media and, in particular, radio in South Africa. Advertisers have been blowing a load of money on radio for years, hoping that the “shotgun approach” will get the message across to mainstream FM’s listeners. The listenership figures they are working with, are produced by way of the fundamentally flawed and dubious “radio diary” approach. You can read more about the radio diary system here and here (prepare to be astounded – deducing listenership and charging adverstisers on this basis is bordering on fraud), but in essence they go from door to door and ask people to fill in their radio listening habits. I know, how archaic? But, more importantly, who of you out there know anyone who knows anyone else who has ever, in their lives, even heard of someone knocking on their door to do this?

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