Making the Grade This Summer!

As ever the kind people at Sunglass Hut are keeping you and I up to date and with the trends for face wear this season. This summer one of the key focusses is on graded eye-wear!

Sunglass hut recognizes that style and fashionability are a major priority in the sweltering summer months, ensuring that you look good while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

One of the most predominant trends this summer is gradient sunglasses. This means that the lens of the sunglasses, sometimes even the lens and the frame, gradually change shade from the top of the lens to the bottom. There are a variation of fabulous gradient lenses to choose from, the classic dark to light gradient lens in various colours, or even the gradient combination of two different colours.

There are gradient sunglasses suitable for every trend setter this summer, so don’t get left behind, make the grade this season with Sunglass Hut!

Sunglass Hut: Sunglass Hut provides people all over the world with sunglass brands and styles for every taste and wallet. Sunglass Hut is recognized as the leader in speciality sunglass retailing and has over 2000 stores around the globe, with over 100 of them being in South Africa. Like Sunglass Hut SA on Facebook, and follow on twitter @SunglassHutSA.


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