Back On The Treadmill…Transfit.

Its Hardiman. He is FAT and needs some ass kicking. STAT!

It’s been a while and I feel like I have been down this road before. Summers coming and I am fat. I have said this most September / Octobers of my life but this time it hit me a bit harder in the soft paunch that had begun to develop around my 30-something mid-rift.

To back up a few steps, every summer I hit the gym and try and make myself feel better; pretty much like the majority of the worlds middle-class, working, family-orentated male with 2.1 kids, a house and bond. This time however, when I “weighed in” (read bathroom scale), I tipped the scales at a very “healthy” 100kgs. To lend some credence to this statement, I have never weighed more than 94kgs and then I felt like I was verging on beached-whale territory.

Somehow in the last year my body had managed to slyly pass the 94kg mark and creep slobbily up into triple figures. My pants were tight, my shirts were ill-fitting and worst of all I felt slob-like.

So this year I have come up with a new plan…not one that gets me ready for a beach-shoot, or one that sees me strutting the catwalk, but rather a simply more dedicated plan. One that allows me to slowly get back in shape without “blowing gaskets”, violently throwing up or using the gym floor as a triage area prior to being admitted into casualty. I got fat because I got lazy. I made excuses. Sat in my office chair working rather than giving myself a break and doing something to get my heart rate up, which probably would have increased my work rate anyway.

My aim this year is to get fit rather than buff / toned / six packed and work on the rest from there.

Thankfully I have the guys at Transfit behind me – well in front until I catch up with them. If you haven’t checked them out I would advise it – not just because I go there but because the get results and care. Yes they may not have a Kaui (spelling???) Juice Bar, free wireless and a SuperSport presenters rubbing themselves up against your shower door but thats not really the point of a gym anyway right?

What they do have is results – I am already seeing it (4kgs down) and I went for a run this am and felt great. I didn’t gag. I didn’t die. And I felt great. They know their stuff and they work hard at getting you right. – give them a shout or just check out the site and see what they offer.

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – I feel quite confident in saying that.


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