Ronaldo “The Original” Hasn’t Been Training Lately…

I have been watching this for some weeks now. Many of the younger people reading this wont remember that there was an original “Ronaldo”. Not the one that writes off sports cars, sleeps with hookers and parades around in George Michaels cast-off white swimming trunks from the “Club Tropicana” video; but rather the original player who thrilled the football world with his legendary abilities on the field and a smile that rivaled only that of Shrek’s.

The Original has since long ago retired. And apparently has seen the inside of a stadium nor a gym since hanging up his golden boots.

Lets remind ourselves of his original prowess…

Look at me! I am a football god!

Sadly that has changed somewhat. You may now walk past Ronaldo and never realise that you did. Kids may point to a fat bloke trying to smash another Burger King Double Whopper into his face whilst attempting a game of keepy-uppy, but your first thought wouldn’t be, “oh isnt that Ronaldo (the orginal)?”

Love me for me. All of me.

There is not much to say. And believe me this is one of the more flattering ones.


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