Malema. Bad Children Are Not Born. They Are Created.

Little Juju is once more sent to the headmasters office.

I am not against Malema. Or rather I am not against having the Malema’s of the world around.

We need people like this to stir up debate, make us think and more importantly add color and rhetoric to the dynamic and ever changing landscape politically in this country – without it the Rainbow Nation would be as beige as that Grafton Everest couch forever on layby Joshua Door.

However, the point of having such “off-centre” shouting from the sidelines, is to watch the Government, the institution one expects to be middle of the road, co-ordinate, corral and put in place either side of the political spectrum.

I.e the elected powers are the ones elected by the populous who in turn determine what the “middle of the road” is.  Either side of that lies the left and right of what is centre.

You expect them to protect the people. Stand up to ideas that conflict with Government policy and correct and quiet those that want a change in regime or a mass shift in policy – the next election allows everyone to get their shot after all.

The problem in our government though, is that the very changes, ideas and “straight out of the little red book” ideas are coming from within its own ranks. And not from within the rank-and-file salary-collecting party members, but rather the youth brigade that should be a breeding ground for ANC policy, heritage and understanding.

A youth brigade that now has become its own political party without the ability to change the constitution.

Not having the power to change policy, it instead has found a far greater and more powerful weapon. Scare tactics and ignorance. The latter is often claimed after the use of the first.

For example the ANC Youth League will stand up and declare war on Botswana; for that essentially is what it has done, in order to disrupt, challenge and create divergence – my 3 year old is capable of the same thing by the way.  The media will pickup on it, all the white people will be slightly nervous and the markets will react appropriately. Then the big guns will step in, deliver a slap on the wrist, the ANCYL will say it didn’t realize and the damage will have been done.

Ordinarily the “parents” will have corrected the young child’s behavior and it will think twice about doing again.

In this case however, due to the lack of corporal punishment and extremely bad parenting in the formative years, the child, who is by now on tik, crack and any tender it can snort will soon act out again until it gets its own way.

To continue the parent-child metaphor a little longer, some time-out and separation needs to be enforced.  The child needs to be sent to boarding school and the folks need a little break and perhaps some of their own counseling.

After all bad children are not born. They are created.


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