Dallas is back! JR and Bobby and the shower…All New!

I will be taking you down Cliff...

I have to say when I heard they were reviving that Tuesday night classic I snorted coffee through my nose. They were having a laugh surely? You cant recreate history? Its like Dolly Parton trying to pass herself off as Dolly Parton; no one would believe it was her.

The days of Bobby Vs. JR were stupendous; Tuesday nights in South Africa came to a standstill and who didnt want to slowly strangle Sue Ellen while simultaneously rogering Victoria Principal.


Having watched the trailer I think I am at the very least intrigued. The new series focuses on the next generation of Ewings, John Ross and Christopher and looks like its going to be as steamy as a Norwegian swingers party in a eucalyptus sauna.

Watch this. It’s back!


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