Floyd Shivambu goes hard at reporter with the F-BOMB!

That "V sign" soon gets inverted...

It always amazes me that our political Spokespeople never want to speak or are “unable” to do so – when principally that is there job.

I was listening to a broadcast on radio the other day and several stories included the by-line, “Despite several attempts the spokesperson could not be reached for comment”.

It seems this morning however that when some of them can be reached it’s not exactly the comments you are looking for. I am not going to harp on about the fact that Julius Malema paid for his mates weekend away with R78 000.00 in cash, and speculate where the cash came from, why he was carrying so much cash and if he really is the “man of the poor”. In fact if the poor have R78k to splash around and are able to visit luxury game farms and spa’s then I for one wouldn’t mind a bit of  the downtrodden life.

That said, when reporters went in search of a comment on the allegations they may have wished they never bothered – check out the transcript belwo between News24 journalist Jacques Dommisse (JD) and ANC Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu via telephone.

Taken from the original story posted on News24.com – full story here
JD: So, why did you put the phone down?

FS: Hey?

JD: Why did you put the phone down?

FS: Hey man. You are doing a wild goose chase. I say that if you want to go ahead and write, go ahead and write because he won’t speak to you. It never happened, okay? He [Malema] doesn’t want to talk to you.

JD: Why will you not let me speak to Malema?

FS: I said he doesn’t want to. Why must he speak to you? He has no obligation to speak to you.

JD: Because he is a politician.

FS: Yes, but I said no. You cannot force people to speak to you.

JD: I don’t understand?

FS: He will not speak to you. You cannot force someone to speak to you if they do not want to speak to you. He does not want to speak to you. I have just spoken to him.

JD: How do you know he doesn’t want to speak to me?
FS: Because I just spoke to him now.

JD: How do you mean you have just spoken with him? I don’t understand.

FS: Fuck you.

JD: Say again?

FS: I said: “Fuck you”

JD: Are you swearing at me?

FS: Yes.

JD: Why are you doing that?

FS: What is your problem?

JD: I have no problem.

FS: Fuck you. Fuck off, ok.

JD: Oh, so you now said it for the fourth time?

FS: Yes.

JD: Can you please give me a contact number for Julius Malema?

FS: I don’t want.

JD. Ok. Thank-you. Goodbye.


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