The “House” of Hugh L’Oréal…

In the House.

Following on from what Lindsay Williams and I were discussing on air today on 2oceansVibe radio about Hugh Laurie I thought I would put this out there…

I always find it interesting when actors branch out beyond the stage, Hollywood and the gogglebox inside your living room. It can often be a sign of declining and fading stardom I feel.

Every pop star worth their salt has a fragrance, every actress who is on the decline normally picks up a cosmetics contract or two; think Liz Hurley and that piece of biltong that play’s Carrie Bradshaw.

But when an accomplished actor who is in no need of the extra income grabs the headlines for becoming the face of the new men’s L’Oréal range one can surely only but wince? But when that man is Hugh Laurie of Blackadder, Stuart Little (well…) and House fame, you have to sit up and take notice.

Laurie is extremely accomplished. Last year he brought out a blues album which was critically acclaimed. His acting and comedic abilities are second to non and he is certainly not your first thought of when it comes to male cosmetics products – but it will work.

and here he is in BlackAdder



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