Your cheques in the post. And other excuses we can no longer use.

In the Post.

We have all done it. Forgotten to do something and promised it had been done, but for one reason or the other the actual promised product, column, present or payment hadn’t actually reached the recipient due too x, y and z.

But these little white lies however are getting harder to get away with in the new world of technology. The old, “it got lost in the post”, may very well hold true given the state of the South African Post office inability to deliver anything via its system barring bills (how come they always get delivered?“, but we all know we don’t send anything by post anymore so we cant use that old chestnut any longer.

How often do we hear in the office someone saying, “oh I sent you the email, did you not get it?” and then they mumble something about having problems with IT, server farms and port 110’s. We all raise our eyebrow’s when we hear it. The reason being, is that we have all used it and probably will again.

One out of ten times granted its probably true but email these days doesn’t have the same inability to reach its destination it had 5 or 6 years ago. Remember “Daemon”? (I think that was his / it’s name.) That weird creature that used to sit in the ether of some sorting office of the internet and tell you repeatedly that your email had not been to delivered to so-and-so but that he would give it another bash and after that he “give up” – if I am right her “worked” for Microsoft in the early days of Outlook. If your in your mid-twenties and reading this you may have no idea what I am going on about – but thats just it. It just doesn’t happen anymore. But the excuse that we created when it was happening for own purposes still remains.

Internet banking is another. It used to take some 5 working days if not longer to transfer cash via the net. Its only convenience 5 years ago was to avoid queuing at the bank and doing it manually. Nowadays during the week if you transfer the cash before 12 generally the EFT will take place that night and by the next day the money in the persons account. There generally, barring bank error, is an excuse as to why it didn’t go through.

In my opinion I think we need to create new ones. Lies that run along the lines of “a water buffalo stood on the intercontinental line between the UK and Africa and subsequently diverted your email, I will however re-write the email and resend right now”. The bigger and bolder it is, perhaps the more believable?

Ultimately technology is robbing us of the ability to avoid work or be forgetful and its unfair. BTW I started writing this on Monday last week and was going to put it up by the dog ate my wireless router.


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