Cape Town Gets to Name Their Hood.

Naming your town.

There is a common theme in South Africa to rename areas, streets and Provinces in order to redress the past, paper over the cracks and perhaps make us all feel a little more South African.

But  a new initiative in Cape Town (coming to a city near soon you I am sure), instead of renaming parts of the City, is actually aiming to name and give identity to areas that have no name in the first place – neighborhoods that we generally describe as “between such and such a street and the Engen Garage”. You know the conversation that starts with “You know where the Ferrari garage is?”…Name your hood aims to put that right using your creativity.

Throughout the world major cities have neighborhoods, each with their own vibe, feel and personality that feed into, and define the city as a whole.

Iconic neighbourhoods of the world have pretty awesome and memorable names: SoHo, TriBeCa and Mayfair. The neighbourhoods of Cape Town are  in a race to win the bid to become the World Design Capital and its up to us to find the uniqueness and distinctiveness of each neighbourhood and name it went live this morning and gives a unique chance to get in on the act and make sure that we are able to make a mark on the city and its surrounds.

Own it. Name it.

We had founder of the concept in Cape Town Bruce Hood on the show this morning. Take a listen to what he has to say about naming your city here.


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