Shaun White & I finally have something in common.

I have never claimed to be a sportsman. I hit the gym when my stomach requires it. Generally 3 months prior to summer arriving and the inevitable lure of the Cape beaches. That said whenever possible I like to get on my longboard (read very big water bus) and go for the odd splash here and there. My point is that I have never had the need for a set of sports sunglasses.

You know the type. The ones that Lance Armstrong rocked when crossing the finish line at the Tour de France, or the sort that you see sported by very fit looking people on the Promenade on any given morning in Sea Point.

They come in many forms. Reflecting different colors, futuristic frames that make you move faster through the wind and built in extra strength so that they can survive been hit by a peloton and its backup crew.

The thing is though you have to be an athlete or at least act vaguely like one, to get away with wearing them. Confidence is key and I just don’t have it when it comes to this style of facial fashion.

That is until SunGlass Hut sent me a pair of Oakley Holbrook’s in mat black . Even the name is cool. And they work just as well as the cool, carefully-carefully-sculpted-to-you-face versions of the sports brand but have a strong retro feel to them.

I picked up my second pair yesterday from the waterfront branch – my first pair, as resilient as they are (truly they take a beating) ended up on the wrong end of a wave in Arniston – long story involving New Years Eve, a firework and a missing pair of someone else’s sunglasses. This time I went for the shiny black polaroids – why am I telling you this?

Well two reasons really. Firstly Oakley are some of the best sunglasses you can get and they are also possibly some of the most well priced out there. They last a long time, and even your kids wont be able to destroy them.

Secondly though, if your anything like me and want to avoid looking like a cyclist with no tour to go on, then the HOLBROOK range might be what you are after. The are designed by sports extremists Shaun White, so they have instant coolness built in and they have a throw back to the 50’s and 60’s “Endless summer” feel that makes you feel like a cross between Californian beach bum and Jack Nicholson. Check it out and see what I mean here and here


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