Purple Hearts – Imagination


As a partner in JMR Records I am extremely privileged to work with some of the slickest talent happening in Cape Town at the moment. If you haven’t checked out Purple Hearts just yet please do so. These guys are some of the nicest guys in the music industry with such a different take on the world and music that you cant help but be caught up in their positivity and love for what they do.

Check out this video recently shot in Cape Town. The whole thing was done in a single take – no breaks, no edits and no CGI. Straight and simple.

Purple Hearts

Think about most of the hip-hop music you listen to these days. You ever get that sinking feeling when the latest lyrical derivative of “poppin’ bottles wit’ models” gets rolled off a lazy tongue? And your eyes strain toward the top of your skull upon hearing this week’s report on whether we love or hate Kim. But we definitely love Hayly all the time; even if she doesn’t always understand the way we show it.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s your brain. Those lyrics are making it bored and fat, and you can feel the equivalent of mental diabetes setting it. It’s a cloud, a haze. It’s a spiritual malaise. Word.

It’s not your fault. It really isn’t, at least not individually. At some point we all traded in creativity, originality and critical minds for diamond-encrusted slop. If it was frosted and it foamed with bubbles, we swallowed it. And now look where we are. We’ve gone from Chuck D, Jam Master Jay and Tupac to the G-Unit in one generation.

And somehow there are three men, raised in this minefield of musical mediocrity, who managed to make it out alive, with their minds and souls intact, and a fire in their belly to create honest, sincere, creative, original, and provocative hip-hop music.

Introducing the Purple Hearts, or informally just “PH”, a Cape Town based rap trio that are claiming back the moral high ground for hip-hop music, one song at a time. And they’re making pretty fast work of it too, having pumped out a new song almost every week for the past year while working on their debut album.

The group is comprised of emcee Lukho Paka, AKA G.I. Nosko, emcee JP Enslin, AKA Jay Million, and producer Alex Kasongo, AKA LX.

The music of Purple Hearts is as young, punchy and honest as its creators. And the best thing about it? It doesn’t come packaged in layers of shiny self-absorbed bull.


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