No spliff please you’re not Dutch…

Not in Clogland you don't!

Holland looks like it may be about to commit “tourist suicide”. They effectively plan to turn the taps off one of their most lucrative industries peculiar to the Amsterdam culture.
How does a country rid itself of billions of dollars of income from tourists traipsing across its carpet every year?
Simple. Take away the very thing that brings those people across its borders. In this case its not the removal of the Tulip industry, nor is it the banning of Clogs and Windmills in the countryside.

No. Instead the powers at be plan to ban the sale of dope, spliff, greensleaves, joints, tokes….to the ordinary tourist. If you wish to pop into a coffee house for a quick expresso and puff you will now need to be local and prove the fact.
As tourist you will have to merely smell the air in the hope you that you catch a bit of second hand high.

Locals who are allowed to buy 5g a year of dagga may be able to sell you some of theirs but lets be honest there is very little reason to travel to the land of Tulips in order to buy your self some illegal herb. You can stay in Cape Town and get that quite easily on the Grand Parade.

In an effort to rid the nation of petty crime and badly behaved people in the City, the authorities are also proposing a “Dope Pass”, whereby much like a golf club membership you would be required to become a member of a coffee shop and could only drink and smoke at that establishment. Each establishment would then be limited to around 1500 members each – pretty much capping your income.

I very much doubt the law would pass through the Governments upper echelons as it stands at the moment – there will be the inevitable too-ing and throwing and watering down, but the very thought of lessening the access the plantage to tourists offers a very serious threat to what is quite obviously a very lucrative business.

Now the only thing to do when in Amsterdam is to wander through the Red Light district, or look at the little boy with his finger in the Dyke. Those are two separate attractions by the way.

Its ultimately the same as us banning foreigners going up Table Mountain.


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