ANC Youth League simplifies communication on website

Who stole my website?

Its been a tough few months for the embattled webmasters of the ANC Youth Leagues website

If the site hasn’t been hacked by cyber terrorist (one under every rock) then its being terrorized by its own members and their atrocious use of the English language and rhetoric.
I often dive into the site and cheer myself up with the mumblings of spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, or a quick scan of the National Working Committee on something-or-the-other views on whatever-whatever.

What I guess I am saying is that rarely go there with the idea of walking away with something salient; something that provides real political food for thought; I go there the same way I read the Dilbert cartoons in the Cape Times. I very often get a good chuckle out of it.

That is all. Thank you for your questioning support.

Which is why I am very happy with todays current site format. It is simple. Easy to read. And all spelt correctly.


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