Living the Holiday in the Sunday Times.

Live the holiday...

There are few opportunities for one media platform to be put forward by another, in a good light. While we on never fear of talking and promoting the good and the bad we hear on other stations and media, in the past I have been banned from mentioning articles / magazines that were not advertising with us on air! Ridiculous but true.

So I was quite pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning, wonder down the drive to collect my haphazardly thrown Sunday Times from the lawn and find this article on the future of radio! (and us…)

The end of radio as we know it

May 27, 2011 7:35 PM | By Lin Sampson 

A Cape Town internet site leads upwardly mobile brand enthusiasts into a brave new world, writes Lin Sampson

Seth Rotherham is the thrust behind 2oceansVibe Internet Radio. He has a serious case of fashion dementia. I’d say he’s the best marketing man in Cape Town, with a get-rich-click genius, faintly hysterical, touched by OCD.

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