Marmite! Ban it and that Anchovy crap too…

Now banned in a Denmark superette near you...

I am in complete agreement with the Danes on this one. They may have different reasons for banning Marmite than me, but I think on the issue of never having it on the shelves – we are emphatically in agreement.

Their reasoning is something along the lines that it has added vitamins and various goodness put into the jar after the fact, but mine are a little more serious.

My problem is Marmite and kids. Its a combination that has been destroying carpets and fine furniture for decades. My kids see a Marmite smeared piece of toast and see an opportunity to redecorate curtains with there own version of the derelique-look.

Its incredibly difficult to get of clothing let alone skin and I promise you very little of the vegetable extract actually ends up inside the child. Invariably it ends up on my shirt, pressed, ironed and white now with a hint of what looks like pooh smeared across it, or the children end up looking like they are attempting a weak impression of the Black and White minstrels.

I agree with Demark. Ban it. And if they get the chance or want some help with it, I am in for taking down Anchovy paste as well. call me Denmark, lets chat.


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