Cheryl Cole…at least I think thats what she said…

If reports are to be believed Cheryl Cole nee Tweedy, has been kicked of America’s X-Factor show, because the large majority of middle-America and one assumes the large proportion of Mexicans now living there, could not understand a word she was saying. To be fair I remember the issue being raised prior to her hiring, but it was forced through by the largely English owners of the shows concept despite the US producers protests.

I am the first one to put my hand up and say that she has a strong Geordie accent, as yet unaffected by her wealth and London living, however as an English person my ear, perhaps, is adapted to understanding her low cattle calling voice. Don’t get me wrong she is very sweet and pretty but she is also very common – she is not walking around professing to be a toff with a “mockney” accent like Lily Allen; she is what she is and and her package unfortunately includes a rather guttural version of the English language.

So here is the question – how on earth did anyone expect this to end in any other way? There is no way Arkansas will be sitting there collectively as a community watching the show and going “its okay, she is pretty who cares if we cant understand what she is saying…look at her hair and makeup…thats all that counts…”.

Bless her but she is out of her depth here and like Prince Charles and Diana, somethings don’t work. How often do we complain that the National Broadcaster in this country uses field reporters with an inability to speak clearly – its after all not their first language and therefore makes communication on an English newscast quite difficult.

In this case English is neither Cheryl nor America’s first language. And therein lies the problem.


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